Social Media Image Size Cheat-Sheet

social media image size

I set up a new Facebook page for a client yesterday, and struggled to correctly size the images he provided. Part of the problem is that social media platforms change the page requirements regularly.┬áIt’s difficult to keep up with the various specifications for multimedia content across each social network (format, aspect ratio, file size).

As I tried to find workable sizes I found this GREAT social media image size cheat sheet that provides the correct image sizes for the major Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google , Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, and Snapchat.

Thanks to the folks at for the infographic. There is a .pdf of the file available on their website.

Here’s a sample, but for the entire graphic (it’s pretty darned big) you’ll have to download the file from their website. Click the image below to get there…

image sample




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