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The Sell More Antiques newsletter is a curated collection of marketing, merchandising, selling, and management information designed to boost the bottom-line of online and offline antique dealers:

In the Sell More Antiques newsletter, I’ll keep you up-to-date on tools and techniques that will save you time and money.

Each monthly newsletter covers tactics that are working for antique dealers. I spend hours a day sifting through antique industry news, marketing blogs, and consumer research. I find “the best of the best” and send it to you. You’ll save time and stay informed.

My newsletter isn’t like Kovels, or Antique Trader, or WorthPoint. Those are fine publications, but they focus on antiques, not the antiques business.

I’ve been in the antiques business for over forty years

I’ve owned two retail stores, operated several Antique Mall booths, a restoration shop, and have displayed regularly at Fairs and Antique Shows. I’ve run more estate sales than I care to remember. My auctioneering travels have taken me across the U.S. from Florida to Alaska, and internationally to sixteen countries from Russia to Panama. I’ve sold a variety of goods at auction: cars, real estate, jewelry, fine art, antiques, business assets, and estate property.

Have I always been successful? Nope. I’ve fallen on my face often enough to have gained some measure of wisdom (and a few bruises).

Since 2009, I’ve written about marketing, merchandising, and retail management for Antique Trader Magazine.

You may have seen my bi-weekly column; it’s titled “Behind the Gavel” (a reference to my being a licensed auctioneer). I’ve covered these topics in greater detail in my books and whitepapers.

Here’s what my readers are saying:

Antique Frames
Antique frames photo by Ellen Auer on Unsplash

About Behind the Gavel in Antique Trader Magazine

“I’ve been reading your articles in the Antique Trader for several years now… I admire your column and appreciate your expertise! I just retired from teaching marketing at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh….and have always found your marketing advice to be brilliant! I grew up in a family where my parents had an antique and secondhand furniture store in…NY and that is where my love of antiques began. I wish you all the best and hope you will continue to write your articles for many years to come!”
N. Church

“Your columns are the highlight of Antique Trader. You use firsthand knowledge, industry data and logic to draw conclusions about the business of collecting rather than speculating” J.P.

“Wayne: great article on pricing…As always, I look forward to your articles. Agree or not, they are always interesting and informative reading” R.B.

About The Business of Antiques: How to Succeed in the Antiques World

“My decision to give this book a five-star rating was based on the valuable information included…I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about the antiques business. Knowledge is power after all.” Michael

“Husband originally found and read this book from the library, found is so informative that he requested I order it for him.” Mary Kay M.

About Antique Mall Profits for Dealers and Dabblers

“Great advice for sellers, whether newbie or veteran. Easy to read. I’ve been a dealer for 20+ years and picked up a couple ”hot tips” that were new to me. And some of the other info I needed to be reminded of, so the book definitely was worth my time to read, and I’ll reread it again when my sales are in a slump. Thanks for the kick in the you-know-what, Mr. Jordan!” Ms. Dow

“An absolute “must read” before you start a business, especially an antiques booth business. Good basic info, well written, easy to understand and implement. I just wish I could purchase a hard copy to have on hand as a good reference.” P. Roberts

“I am going to spend the recommended time analyzing my business plan – especially the inventory management ideas. Especially the concepts I read on the buying, inventory analysis and marketing described in this great little book. Thanks in advance for the insights and thought-provoking business advice. Well worth the time I spent reading it.” C. Adams

The promise of Sell More Antiques is this: it can help you sell more, manage better, and plan more effectively.

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