Choosing The Best Domain Name

choosing a domain name

Choosing the best domain name is an important part of setting up your business, so take some time to research it and select wisely.  A catchy domain name will be easier to remember than your telephone number and will result in fewer lost sales.  Like a good business name, your domain name should tell people what it is you do. A business name or domain name like “” says nothing about your business.  A name like Target-Archery-Supplies not only tells people what your business does, it helps you be found by the search engines.  So, begin your search for the

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Keyword Research Essentials

Keyword Research Essentials

There are only 3 steps in any online marketing campaign:  Keywords, Strategy, and Execution.  It doesn’t matter if you have a website, a blog, a social network, mobile marketing, or whatever the next big thing is; it all comes down to these three things.  If you are going to effectively promote your business, you must learn keyword research essentials. Learning keyword research essentials should be the first item on your agenda.  Before you commit to a business or buy a domain name, you need to find competitive keywords and investigate your competition.  Otherwise, you will build a nice website that

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Six Fixes for Your Online Reviews

yelp online reviews

Whenever I travel, my first order of business (after checking into a hotel) is to browse through the yellow pages. I can tell a lot about a town’s economy by looking through their phone book: What types of businesses are around, how many of each type and where the business center is. In a city with multiple antique shops, I plan my shopping by Googling “antiques” and the name of the city, and then I read the online reviews for each shop to determine which ones I’ll go to. Dealers, if you’ve never spent any time reading customer reviews of

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Hanging Out Your Shingle on the Web

home auction

If my grandfather knew I’d become an auctioneer, he’d roll over in his grave. Back in the Great Depression, my family was one of many that were turned out of their homes by a bank foreclosure. Since auctioneers were agents of the bank, the family’s ill will toward the bank transferred to all auctioneers. Nary was a kind word said about those in my profession as I grew up. Consequently, I didn’t attend my first auction until I was in my mid-30s. Seeing that first auction changed the course of my life. I found the whole affair invigorating: the chant

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