Antique Dealers: Don’t Give Up on eMail Marketing

email marketing

Just to watch her reaction, I asked my mail carrier to break the law. “Jane” I said, “I’m going to put a trash can right here next to my mailbox. Would you mind just throwing the junk mail into the trash can and putting the important stuff into my mailbox?” “I certainly will not!” she replied (she wasn’t being a very good sport about this). “It’s against the law for me to do that. I have to deliver your mail to an approved box! Besides, how do I know what mail is important to you and what isn’t? I can’t

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Connect with Millennials to Bring a New Buzz to Your Biz


Last fall the antiques world was set a buzz by multiple sightings of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift shopping for antiques. For a brief moment, dealers held out hope that the young star’s interest in antiques would spawn a renaissance in antiques buying among her contemporaries. We’re still waiting for that to happen. Those darned Millennials. As a group (b. 1981-mid ’90s), they just don’t seem to have the same shopping standards that the rest of us do. The two older demographic cohorts, Boomers and Gen X, tend to value similar types of consumer goods (but for different reasons). Gen X grew

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3 Ways Google Trends Will Improve Your Business


Everyone wants to know what’s hot, what’s selling and what’s not. Fashion, entertainment, shopping, news and technology all have their daily “trending now” web updates. “What’s Hot” lists are not uncommon in the antiques trade, but since there is no standardized reporting format (like there is in larger industries), it’s difficult to interpret the list results in terms of an individual dealer’s local market. To be effective, a “What’s Hot” list would have to be assembled for each market. If you knew that consumers were looking for an item that you regularly inventoried, you could almost certainly get a return

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Kick off the New Year with Dealer Dicker Day

antique dealer dicker day

For many antique dealers, the month of January represents the “after Christmas doldrums.” Customers are scarce, sales are down, and gray winter skies cast a pall over shopping excursions. What January needs is a little “sales sunshine”: an event that’s fun and social and enticing enough to get customers out of their homes and into your store. Dealer Dicker Day Concept Kelly and Jeff Rickert, owners of Water Street Vintage Antique Mall in New London, Wisconsin, have just such an event. Their annual Dealer Dicker Day promotion produces “four to five times what we would normally do on that particular

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Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is reported to be the second most-used online marketing tool, second only to search marketing.  According to Internet World stats, more than 360 million people use the internet every day.  More than half of those people use their email account daily, which means that every day almost two hundred million people open their email.  With numbers as huge as those, it’s clear to see why email marketing is so successful.  Marketing is a numbers game; the more people who see your sales message, the more sales you will make. Advantages of Email Marketing Email marketing has some distinct

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Video Marketing Basics

Video Marketing Basics

Keeping up with trends in internet marketing can be challenging.  One of the recent bandwagons that many people are jumping on is video marketing.  Video is everywhere, and for good reason.  Written messages do not carry the persuasive weight of a well-produced video.  Delivering your message content in more than one medium satisfies the different learning styles that people have.  Not everyone learns well through reading; some people learn better by hearing a message, some by seeing pictures of the message process.  The combination of video marketing with the written and spoken word is powerful indeed. Note my statement above:

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Social Media Image Size Cheat-Sheet

social media image size

I set up a new Facebook page for a client yesterday, and struggled to correctly size the images he provided. Part of the problem is that social media platforms change the page requirements regularly. It’s difficult to keep up with the various specifications for multimedia content across each social network (format, aspect ratio, file size). As I tried to find workable sizes I found this GREAT image sizing infographic that provides the correct image sizes for the major Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google , Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, and Snapchat. Thanks to the folks at for the infographic.

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Create A Blog For Your Business

business blog

There is an alternative to a traditional, static website that small businesses can employ to promote their business:  you can create a blog.  The word “blog” is short for “web log”.  A web log is similar to a diary; it is updated on a regular basis with opinions and information provided by the author.  Blogs differ significantly from static websites, in that the typical heirarchical website structure does not exist. Rather, the content of the blog is organized by the date of the entry and the topic of the entry.   Blogs are popular with readers and with search engines,

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Choosing The Best Domain Name

choosing a domain name

Choosing the best domain name is an important part of setting up your business, so take some time to research it and select wisely.  A catchy domain name will be easier to remember than your telephone number and will result in fewer lost sales.  Like a good business name, your domain name should tell people what it is you do. A business name or domain name like “” says nothing about your business.  A name like Target-Archery-Supplies not only tells people what your business does, it helps you be found by the search engines.  So, begin your search for the

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Keyword Research Essentials

Keyword Research Essentials

There are only 3 steps in any online marketing campaign:  Keywords, Strategy, and Execution.  It doesn’t matter if you have a website, a blog, a social network, mobile marketing, or whatever the next big thing is; it all comes down to these three things.  If you are going to effectively promote your business, you must learn keyword research essentials. Learning keyword research essentials should be the first item on your agenda.  Before you commit to a business or buy a domain name, you need to find competitive keywords and investigate your competition.  Otherwise, you will build a nice website that

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