Ignite Sales by Marketing to Millennials


Last fall the antiques world was set a buzz by multiple sightings of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift shopping for antiques. For a brief moment, dealers hoped that the young star’s interest in antiques would spawn a renaissance in antiques buying among other Millennials. We’re still waiting for that to happen. Those darned Millennials. As a group (b. 1981-mid ’90s), they just don’t seem to have the same shopping habits that the rest of us do. The two older demographic cohorts, Boomers and Gen X, tend to value similar types of consumer goods (but for different reasons). Gen X grew up in

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Kick off the New Year with Dealer Dicker Day

antique dealer dicker day

For many antique dealers, the month of January represents the “after Christmas doldrums.” Customers are scarce, sales are down, and gray winter skies cast a pall over shopping excursions. What January needs is a little “sales sunshine”: an event that’s fun and social and enticing enough to get customers out of their homes and into your store. Dealer Dicker Day is just such an event. Dealer Dicker Day Concept Kelly and Jeff Rickert, owners of Water Street Vintage Antique Mall in New London, Wisconsin, have just such an event. Their annual Dealer Dicker Day promotion produces “four to five times

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Six Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is reported to be the second most-used online marketing tool, second only to search marketing.  According to Internet World stats, more than 360 million people use the internet every day.  More than half of those people use their email account daily, which means that every day almost two hundred million people open their email.  With numbers as huge as those, it’s clear to see why email marketing is so successful.  Marketing is a numbers game; the more people who see your sales message, the more sales you will make. Advantages of Email Marketing Email marketing has some distinct

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Create Marketing Videos in Three Steps

marketing videos

Keeping up with trends in internet marketing can be challenging.  Currently, marketing videos are all the rage.  Video is everywhere, and for good reason. Written messages do not carry the persuasive weight of a well-produced video.  Delivering your message content in more than one medium satisfies the different learning styles that people have. Not everyone learns well through reading; some people learn better by hearing a message, some by seeing pictures of the message process.  The combination of video marketing with the written and spoken word is powerful indeed. Marketing videos are not for everyone Note my statement above: “well-produced

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Top Three Antiques Marketing Tactics

Top Three Antiques Marketing Tactics

There are times when antiques marketing seems like a giant game of whack-a-mole. You might recall whack-a-mole from your last visit to an arcade: A lighted game console sits on the floor, a player facing a horizontal playing surface containing a dozen (or so) holes. When persuaded by sufficient quarters, toy moles begin to randomly pop up through the holes and the player must “whack” them down with a mallet. Such is the life of a retailer. Much of our work is repetitive. There are dozens of management chores to be done each day, and, in the process of getting

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Boost Traffic by Marketing With Memes

marketing with memes

I love marketing with memes. When I’m on Facebook, nothing inspires me to click “share” faster than a clever meme. Chances are you’ve seen memes as well, but you may not have known what they were called. Memes are captioned images that contain a pithy saying or sarcastic comment. Social Media is full of them, and you’ve probably shared a few yourself. The term “meme” was coined by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene”. In biology, meme refers to the way that genes are transmitted. Socially, it has come to be defined as “a

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Why Your Facebook Marketing Isn’t Working

facebook marketing

The topic of discussion at a recent small business gathering was “What’s new in your marketing plan for 2016?” My answer was “Nothing so far.” Perhaps if an entrepreneur develops a new platform that combines some of what I’m already doing, I’ll consider making some changes. In the meantime it’s status quo for me. I was surprised to find many attendees excited about focusing on Facebook marketing as a strategy. Seems the “social media marketing” message is finally getting through, albeit in a clouded fashion. Facebook marketing is a tactic, not a strategy I bit my tongue for as long

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Boost Sales With Antiques Tourism

antiques tourism

“All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.” — Leo Tolstoy When Tolstoy made this point, I’m sure he wasn’t foreshadowing the modern antiques tourism industry. Even so, there is a lot of “coming and going” occurring in the U.S., and in the past year such travel has been responsible for making cash registers ring to the tune of more than $2 trillion. While big tourism projects garner lots of press and attract lots of political attention, small towns across America attract millions of visitors per year, and

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Capture Attention Merchandising with Sight, Sound, and Smell

capture attention

The classic sales formula is AIDA: capture Attention, pique their Interest, stoke Desire, and convince them to Act (buy). Selling has never been that simple, but as a process the formula offers good advice.  Marketing is part of the sales process: it’s what connects us to prospects and turns them into customers. I’m happy to take selling advice from experienced salespeople and marketers. When non-marketers offer advice, though, I’m cautious. Some “experts” would have us believe that all the marketing you’ve ever done to promote your business is completely wrong and has been a gross waste of money. At least

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Pinning Down Pinterest Marketing Basics

pinterest logo

As a small businessman, I’m very conservative (read: cheap) with my resources. I’m tight with my money and even tighter with my time, because I don’t have an excess of either to squander. Consequently, I’m very reluctant to jump onto the latest bandwagon because I’ve found that too often those wagons don’t go anywhere. Remember Friendster? How about Yahoo 360? SixDegrees? Pownce? They, along with a host of other websites poised to “dominate social media” came, went and are no more. I’ve found that being a late-adopter saves me a lot of time. So, I no longer sign up for

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