Ignite Your Business with Facebook Lookalike Audience

lookalike audience

I love Facebook marketing. Compared to the expense and uncertainty of my advertising in the 1980s, Facebook is a dream-come-true. John Wanamaker, the pioneering 19th-century retailer and department store entrepreneur, summed-up my advertising anxiety succinctly: “I know half my advertising works but I don’t know which half.” Lookalike Audience changes the face of marketing Until recently, retailers had few choices in advertising platforms: print, broadcast, and direct mail (in their various formats). All of those media had a common strategy: saturate a market with an advertiser’s message. Then, hope that interested buyers would see or hear an advertisement and take

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When to Use (or Avoid) Print Advertising

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To paraphrase Mark Twain: “The reports of (print advertising’s) death have been greatly exaggerated”. It’s true that the effectiveness of print advertising has been greatly diminished by digital marketing platforms. Marketing agencies report that digital ads are seen by more people than print ads, by a huge margin. Digital ads are cheaper as well. But how do they stack up against print ads in terms of effectiveness? In October 2016, Marketing Sherpa surveyed 1,200 consumers with the following query: “In general which type of advertising channels do you trust more when you want to make a purchase decision? Please sort

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Transform Your Advertising With Powerful Images

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Blink. No, really; pause for a second, blink, and pay attention to the speed of your eyelids. An average blink takes about half a second to complete. The New York Times recently quoted Google research demonstrating that “web surfers” will dump your website in favor of a competitor’s if the competitor’s site loads just 250 milliseconds faster than yours. Two hundred fifty milliseconds: That’s roughly half an eye-blink, one-quarter of a second. Fortunately, there’s a way to make this push for speed work to your advertising advantage. Twenty-first century consumers are speed sensitive. In a culture where advertising messages are

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